Quotes from Mud Rx Users

“The whole principal is great. It definitely works!”

“The Mud Rx eliminated the traditional clogging of planter gauge wheels in wet conditions.”

“It worked really well. Alleviated the mud plugging. Helped with productivity.”

“The units really help with our up-time and productivity.”

“The Mud Rx units helped eliminate the mud plugging problem and kept us going.”

“I’ve used it in wet conditions and have had NO problems.”

“We have abrasive, rocky soil and I believe it helps reduce tire wear.”

“Worked really well. No complaints. They did what they were supposed to do.”

“Allows me to get into stickie ground without getting plugged. Sometimes you only have a small window of opportunity and the Mud Rx helped us get through planting with significantly less downtime.”

“If you have heavy ground like we do, conditions are never easy…and here in our state our soil, when wet or even moist, can fill up the tires and wheels constantly. We spend way too much time cleaning and scraping. The Mud Rx made life a lot easier last year and we have them on the planter and will use them again this year.”

“They will definitely help keep the mud out of the wheels in wet conditions…which helps us get more done in a shorter amount of time. We never seem to have ideal, dry conditions, so these have really helped us in those tight time frames.”