Keep Moving – Keep Planting
No More Mud-Packed Wheels

If you experience mud-plugged planter or air seeder gauge wheels in wet conditions or too-fast tire wear in abrasive soils, Mud Rx could definitely be your solution. 

Developed by two engineers who are working farmers, Mud Rx fits on most gauge wheels on planters and air seeders built since 1973. 

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Dramatically reduce downtime spent cleaning mud-clogged planter and air seeder gauge wheels

Get your crop in earlier, plant faster

Productivity skyrockets – MORE ACRES PER HOUR

Extends tire life
3-5 times or longer

More time in the tractor, less time on your knees!

planter gauge wheels get plugged

Snug fit keeps mud and abrasive, dry soil out of planter or air seeder gauge wheels

disc cleaner for plugged planter gauge wheels

Easy to mount on wheels – lasts for years. No need to buy new wheels.

Extend the life of your new or existing tires

The Mud Rx fits snugly between the planter gauge wheel and disc:
  • Keeps disc clean, preventing mud build-up and wheel-plugging
  • Smooth UHMW plastic keeps disc clean, moves mud and soil/debris with lower rolling resistance
  • Units last for years!
  • No need to buy new wheels!

In dry, abrasive soil Mud Rx keeps small particles from wearing the tire-edge causing premature wear and early tire replacement

MudRX gauge wheel protector

Easy to install WITHOUT removal of tire from wheel! Fits most aftermarket wheels and tires – both narrow and standard widths

Fit most planters and air seeders from 1973 to present

Designed and built by engineers who are working farmers. We use them ourselves!

Standard product color is BLACK, also available in YELLOW at extra cost

Actual quotes from Mud Rx users

“The whole principal is great. It definitely works!”

“It worked really well. Alleviated the mud plugging. Helped with productivity.”

“I’ve used it in wet conditions and have had NO problems.”